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Cara Jaime Lloyd

Designer and Visiting Practitioner for Central Saint Martins

I am a Communications Designer for Central Saint Martins (CSM), University of the Arts London (UAL). In this role, I have had the pleasure of working on a variety of outputs, from visual identities for symposiums, animations for explaining academic structures and data visualisations. I also work at my alma mater as a Visiting Practitioner, specialised as a Graphic Communication educator.

Working professionally in a Univerisity environment has allowed be to work with incredible academics and students. This has only expanded upon my knowledge and expertise I gained during my BA degree.

As well as having a love for print making and bookbinding, I have a fascination with health and disability and how this intersects with technology. I enjoy combining analogue methods with digital outputs, such as RISO printing for a on-screen publication or making Cyanotypes for an online symposium.

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