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Holding Rain in the Headwater

RISO Printed map for an MA Art & Science showcase

'Holding Rain in the Headwater' in collaboration with Spanish art and ecology platform Joya: arte + ecología (Joya: AiR) responded to the 2024 LVMH Maison/0 Challenge Fund call for proposals on the theme of water.

I designed the map which depicted the showcase events and artworks, as well as detailing the student residency that took place in Joya, Spain.

In collaboration with:
Heather Barnett, Pathway Leader MA Art & Science
Simon Beckmann, Joya: AiR
Donna Beckmann, Joya: AiR
Maite Fraide Garcia, Ecologist and Environmental Educator
Alba Rodriguez Rodriguez, University of Almería

Supported by:
VMH Maison/0 Challenge Fund

Sigrid Bannenberg, Charlotte Bassadone, Katreena Dee, Mariia Korneeva, Silvina Maestro, Fawziyah Rahman, Jane Scobie, Julian Udine, Juliet Williams

RISO 3-colour print
Munken Pure Rough 120gsm