Knowledge Quarter : PLAYGROUND 

Creative Directors:
Cara Jaime Lloyd

Tigris Li

Led by The Knowledge Quarter and supported by MAKE @ Story Garden, this zine was a pilot project aimed at supporting local organisations and providing resources for community engagement.

Given the widespread impact of the COVID-19 crisis, it has become clear that the major gap in skills and digital accessibility for marginalized and vulnerable communities is widening. Playground aims to provide at least some respite from this, with 800 copies being distributed from August 2020.

This was created in collaboration with 11 other fellow students of Graphic Communication Design at CSM. Each of us were partnered with a Kings Cross local organisation. I had the pleasure of working with Cockpit Arts.    

This project wouldn’t have been made possible without the incredible help of Abbie Vickress and Sam Oates.

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Abbie Vickress (Academic Lead)

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