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Ageing Societies

Univeristy of the Arts London x London Design Festival: Visual Identity for 2022 Symposium

Ageing Societies: A Global Response explored how societies around the globe are responding and adapting to population ageing - a global phenomenon that has emerged as a result of social and economic development.

I was given the task of designing the identity for UAL Global’s upcoming events at the London Design Festival. The theme was ‘Ageing Societies’, and in response I RISO printed imagery that celebrated the act of ageing by depicting various shells’ age rings. I also designed the event’s digital programme.

In collaboration with:
Gabriele Grigorjevaite, Co-Producer
George Maxwell, Co-Producer
Sophie Punt, Project Coordinator
Dr Silvia Grimaldi, Curatorial Framework

(Day 1)
Nicky Ryan, London College of Communication, UAL
Hannah Zeilig, London College of Fashion, UAL
Magdalena Plebanski, RMIT University
Rachel Lim, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Maria Fitzpatrick, Department of International Trade (DIT)
Ishan Jha, London College of Communication MA Service Design Alum

(Day 2, session one)
Steve Cross, London College of Communication, UAL
Nigel Bertram, Monash University
Hye Young Park, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Veronica Yew, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Keely Macarow, RMIT Univeristy
Zijie Lin, Central Saint Martins MA Industrial Design Alum
Leah Thorn, Poet

(Day 2, session two)
Ken Wilder, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL
Alix Emery, Artist and Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art Alum Miranda Campbell, Toronto Metropolitan University
Jessica Mudry, Toronto Metropolitan University

(Day 3)
Rachel Dickson, Central Saint Martins, UAL
Laurene Vaughan, RMIT University
Rei Poh, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Jie Meng, London College of Communication MA Service Design Alum
Leah Heiss, Monash University
Peter Matanle, University of Sheffield